The most important thing that can happen at a seminar or convention is that attendees walk away knowing more that when they came and feel motivated to do something. I have had more feedback from people who attend seminars and said this that more than any other one thing is how they determine the seminar was useful.

The main quality that makes that difference in delivering a seminar is whether the speaker "talks at the audience" or "to the audience".

A seminar leader can know his material, be an expert in a field, be entertaining, but if the communication does not ignite in the beginning with the audience, there will be no fire.

This is the first thing I watch for in delivering a seminar. I ask myself, have I and that audience comes into communication?

I spend as much time as I need to in the beginning to arrive at a point where the group is comfortable with me, understands what to expect from the seminar, and why the subject has real world value.

The subject itself will be dry and uneventful if the group does not understand it and, more importantly relate it to their situations.

Delivering a seminar then is brining the subject to that group in such a way that they can receive it, understand it and use it.

This is how I approach a seminar and if you have attended a seminar where that did not occur, you know what I mean.

If I can be of service to your group it would be my pleasure, and I am always willing to discuss your agenda and specific needs.

Mark DeEulio